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Made of 100% Pure Blue Quartz Crystal, the Amrita Wand™ by WAANDS™ is designed for g-spot & cervical pleasure. The bulbous end “hooks” into the g spot (or p-spot) to provide slow yet deep penetration. The Amrita Wand™ is commonly used for awakening the g-spot & cervix, evoking female ejaculation  (“Amrita Orgasm”), and resensitizing the inside of the yoni to pleasure. 


Blue Quartz balances the throat chakra and is an ideal stone to work with if you  desire to explore the throat-yoni connection and feel more comfortable  expressing your desires. 



  • Increasing internal sensitivity & pleasure
  • Cultivating a loving connection with your body & sexuality
  • Healing sexual shame
  • Increasing self-love & appreciation
  • Resensitizing the body to enjoy slow pleasure
  • Awakening the g-spot
  • Experiencing g-spot orgasm & female ejaculation 



  • 17cm long x 3.5cm (bulbous end) x 2.5cm (thin end)
  • Made of 100% Pure Blue Quartz Crystal
  • Instructions for use in brochure
  • Microfiber pouch for safe keeping
  • Discrete packaging

Blue Quartz Amritia Wand™


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