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02 Exploring the ancestral collective witch wound from the 'Burning Times'

In this 1 hour episode Cali White shares her journey of exploring ancestral and collective trauma with a focus on the Burning Times. Throughout 2019 she travelled the UK and Ireland on a life-changing 13 Moon pilgrimage, exploring her indigenous roots found in the Neolithic stone circles and burial chambers, and following ancestral guidance to gather women in 13 Full Moon ceremonies to honour the Ancestors of the Witch Hunts of 1450-1750 and help heal the inherited trauma passed down through over 20 generations.

Cali believes that ancestral connection and understanding is vital to our health and wellbeing. Her pilgrimage journey led to guiding a group of 32 women, known as the Silver Spoons Collective, through a creative process which explored more deeply the ancestral wounds of the Burning Times. This work was woven together into an experiential healing exhibition, "I AM WITCH - Tales from the Roundhouse" which ran at The Storey in Lancaster throughout January 2022 attracting 3000 visitors.

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