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Sacred Feminine Sexuality

Journey through the shamanic sacred womb gates and the womb medicine wheel and explore your sacred feminine sexuality

LIVE group coaching programme held as a women's circle sharing embodied self pleasure practices, rituals and how to use Yoni eggs and crystal pleasure wands for healing, de-armouring and to access even more pleasure.


Journeying through the shamanic sacred womb gates and the womb medicine wheel we explore key themes such as self trust, desire, turn on, embodied communication, the feminine archetypes: Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, Crone and more.

This is for you if you are feeling disconnected from your feminine energy and want to reclaim a deep level of self knowing and trust

This is for you if you are ready to say YES to more pleasure!

This is for you if you have negative experiences or previous relationships you would like to heal so you can embrace the full sexual expression of yourself.

Image by Poppie Pack

The Details

8 weeks including opening and closing ceremony


Live coaching and teachings with me, Lindsay Dalton, Feminine Embodiment and Menstrual Cycle Coach

Learn embodiment practices, rituals and medicine songs


Meditation tracks to listen to alongside each stage of the programme


Private group on WhatsApp to connect with other group members and ask me anything in between sessions.


The Investment:


(beta price)

Payment plan available of 2x £250

Image by Poppie Pack
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