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Affordable Workshops & Mini Courses

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Natural Contraception


Take control of your fertility in a natural way, free of synthetic hormones with nasty side effects.

A recording of a 90 minute Masterclass where I share the method I've been using for 10 years and which I share with my clients. You'll discover which options are most natural with no side effects, and how you can become more attuned to your cycle for natural contraception and fertility awareness.

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Parenting when Triggered


Learn how to respectfully parent when triggered


You have all the good intentions in the world to parent your children with loving-kindness and often that's what happens but sometimes, maybe more often than you'd like to admit, you find yourself snapping, shouting or completely losing it. In this pre-recorded 90 minute workshop you will learn how to respectfully parent when triggered.

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Preparing your daughter for her first period


A mini course for Mothers: Preparing your daughter for a positive and empowering first period experience

Let's change the paradigm for our daughters so they enter their menarche (first period) in a positive way where they meet their own power, let's celebrate this as a rite of passage and see it as an opportunity for girls to confidently learn more about their own body. 

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