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Image by Eric Muhr

Hi, I'm Lindsay

Menstrual Cycle & Feminine Embodiment Coach

First and foremost I'm a mama to three beautiful children. My fourth baby is my work in supporting women. Wild women especially who are ready to step into their power, their cyclical wisdom, their sacred sexuality and be unapologetically themselves.


I am deeply passionate about:

  • How women can harness the power of their menstrual cycles to live more in alignment with the Inner Seasons of their cycle

  • Feminine embodiment and how women can live in flow with their sacred feminine energy

  • Spiritual practices and how we can connect with our ancient ancestors to be more connected with nature and our surroundings

  • How women can bring more pleasure and joy into their lives including tapping into their sacred feminine sexuality

  • Women supporting women and building a community of wild women who are unapologetically themselves


Having always been fascinated by the emotional underworld and what makes people tick, my work with women has enabled me to delve deeper and really uncover what it means to be a woman.


I’m a highly sensitive empath, which I now understand is a gift! Too long I believed that being sensitive was a weakness, a flaw. That I was ‘too much’.


​Now I know how to harness this quality for good to enrich my work in supporting others.


I help women to tap into their intuition, rediscover their ancient cyclical wisdom, embody their feminine energy and reclaim their deep knowing and trust in themselves.


​Using principles of embodiment I help to guide you to lean into your own innate wisdom and to connect with yourself and the power of the feminine energy, the state of flow and being.


​I'm no stranger to witnessing women and supporting transformation. I've spent 11 years as a birthkeeper (doula) holding space in the most intimate and transcending moments. 


​My most transformative experience that really paved the way for me to step into this work was the free birth of my son, my third child.


​When contemplating his conception, pregnancy and birth I knew it would unveil the need to really do the inner work.


​I was being called to embody all I knew to be true about birth. There began the most magical initiation of self-trust and intuition. It was here that I truly connected to myself and my inner wisdom.


The women I support are deep thinkers, they feel everything intensely.


​They have been so used to caring for others that they have forgotten themselves.


​They have been conditioned to live in a patriarchal world that does not consider their most precious power, their cycles.


​My role is to guide them to unlock this innate wisdom. 


​They are ready to step into their power.


​Are you ready to do the same?


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