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Work With Me

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Have you felt selfish or ungrateful for wanting more in your life?


Have you settled or compromised, thinking your dreams are not realistic?


Ready to change things?

You're in the right place.


Working with me will enable you to shift perspectives, break down those limiting beliefs we all have and deepen your connection with your most authentic self so that you can feel fully embodied to live your most joyful and purposeful life.


When you awaken to your most vulnerable self, it allows you to shine the light of who it is you really are as you let go and shed all the expectations and assumptions society has placed upon you.  It gives you the freedom to know you can live the life you dreamed.


I help my clients to tap into their imagination and wildest dreams, to give themselves permission to want more whilst still holding onto gratitude and being present.


An important part of my role is to hold space for you and listen to you fully. To be truly heard by someone who isn’t going to try to fix it or tell you what to do. This is such a valuable thing that I honestly believe we all need. 


I will listen to you without judgment or agenda.

Another important part of coaching is about asking the questions that allow you to see parts of yourself that were hiding in the shadows and giving you the opportunity and confidence to explore these and bring them into the light. 

Alongside this I use a variety of ways to work on breaking down limiting beliefs and challenging mindset

Including hypnosis, NLP, journaling, Yoga Nidra, breathwork, meditation, somatic embodiment, mindfulness and chakra activation. 

I introduce you to....

Wheat Field

Return to your Authentic Self
 Coaching Programme


Each month during a variety of video and phone calls, we will focus on a different phase within your journey back home to yourself.

The experience is tailored to meet your unique needs. 

Phase 1: Meeting the Inner Critic

Uncover why the Inner Critic exists, learn ways to embrace this part of yourself, delve deep into self discovery, self compassion and create space between the moments of reaction and response. Catching your triggers before the critic emerges.


You will break down limiting beliefs about yourself, engage in shadow work and connect with your inner child.


Phase 2: Release & Surrender

Tap into your innate wisdom and intuition to meet the inner mentor.


Reflecting on the work done in the previous phase, you will move into a place where you are able to let go and shed the layers of self doubt that have been holding you back from stepping into your highest version of you.


This phase will bring you a sense of relief and clarity.



Phase 3: Creativity, Connection and Centring 

Explore your purpose, tap into your unique talents and discover what it is that makes you shine. 

Gain clarity and prospective as you embrace your creative self and become even more dedicated to your vision. 

Connection is a core focus in this phase so there is plenty of time spent on compassionate communication, relationships, boundaries, intimacy, community activation and a stronger sense of connection with yourself and your feminine energy.

Phase 4: Celebrating the Divine Feminine

Celebrate who you really are as you return to your authentic self.


  Meet your inspired confidence and reclaim your power as the goddess you are. 

Ready to step into your light and really shine so you can really 'walk the walk' with an embodiment of aligned integrity. 

You'll also receive:

Access to an exclusive members-only area 

  • Workbooks to accompany each section

  • Toolkit full of techniques to soothe the nervous system

  • Songs to accompany our voice work

  • MP3 guided meditations

  • Yoga Nidra for restful sleep

  • Breathwork audiotracks

  • Videos and resources to support your work. 


Menstrual Awareness Course  

Harnessing the power of your cyclical wisdom.


Money Mindset Interactive Masterclass

How the stories you are telling yourself about money are blocking you from receiving more.


Finding your Voice

Your voice is one of the most powerful healing tools, a portal to release, freedom, and confidence - no prior experience needed as everyone can sing. 


What others say...

Wheat Field
Wellness Coach
Image by Sandra Seitamaa

Saffron, 1:1 Coaching

Lindsay listens deeply with love and non-judgemental ears, then she takes you through the steps, providing the essential tools and support to help you actually manifest the life you have been dreaming about.

Image by Sandra Seitamaa

Emily, 1:1 Coaching

 You just seem to have an understanding and innate awareness of people's energy and the way that they need to interact with you that the way that you need to interact with them.

 It's a kind of really beautiful connection that you have fostered and definitely recommend the support and this work.

Image by Sandra Seitamaa

Eliza, 1:1 Coaching

A few years ago I would have been the person that liked the idea but would just push it away and get on with life as it is but the coaching sessions allow me to open up my mind and heart to what it is that I really desire and who it is that I am.  

Only a few spaces available, so let's get started.

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