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Image by Sam Manns

Praise for Lindsay

Image by Edgar Hernández

Delyana - Workshop Attendee

Lindsay has a loving and soft nature, she hugs with her words and cares with her heart. She is able to combine intuition with knowledge and to be there for you in a way you maybe didn't even know was what you actually needed. She has that ability to sense your state and resonate with your deeper self.

Image by Sandra Seitamaa

Eliza - 1:1 Coaching

Lindsay has been a godsend and couldn’t have come at a better time.


I first spoke with her as I had this overwhelming feeling of being at a crossroads, a longing to move on with my life and a realisation that I was the one in charge of the way I feel and my life and not others.


I was trying to move away from the conditioned way of living that was ingrained in me and the everlasting self doubt.

I really do feel like these are the first steps of having a much more enriched life.


I’m definitely feeling much more connected to my feminine energy, enjoying nature, the moon and understanding myself of a deeper level. A few years ago I would have been the person that liked the idea but would just push it away and get on with life as it is but the coaching sessions allow me to open up my mind and heart to what is that I really desire and who it is that I am.  


I can truly say that things are definitely changing for me and I’m so grateful for having invested this time in myself and working with Lindsay.

Image by Clarisse Meyer

Saffron - 1:1 Coaching

Lindsay is such a wonderful coach. She always asks the right questions that help you to discover what your truth is and what your personal journey is all about in its own unique way and provides the essential tools to get you on track. 


Guiding you to move through all the noise in your mind to get to the bottom of what it really is that you are trying to say, want or desire.


She listens deeply with love and non-judgemental ears, then she takes you through the steps, providing the essential tools and support to help you actually manifest the life you have been dreaming about.


Lindsay holds a space that keeps you grounded along with space to breath and dream.


My sessions with Lindsay have renewed my faith in myself and brought light to so much negative, fear based thought patterns that had been holding me back. 


I leave each session feeling strong, clear, confident and held. I am so very grateful Lindsay is in my life!

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