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Yoni Steaming Herbs

A magical hand blend of herbs for your yoni steaming ritual, herbal bath or foot bath.

Calendula - healing antioxidant

Motherwort - relief for menstrual cramps

Lavender - calm & wellness

Rose - improves mood

Mugwort - boosts energy

Rosemary - increases alertness and focus

Red Raspberry Leaf - mood balancing

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An ancient self care practice that will help you connect with your yoni and womb.

How to use your yoni herbs


Best practiced in the days following your bleed

Prepare your space

Take some time to create a sacred and comfortable space where you can enjoy this self care ritual. You may choose to use incense or smudge the room, dim the lights, light a candle, create an alter, play music or listen to a womb meditation.

What you will need

For the yoni steam, you will need:

- a bowl

- hot boiled water

- your yoni steam herbs

- blanket

- a mat/cushion if you are kneeling or something to sit on

Now you are ready to start this beautiful practice

Once you have prepared your space, you are ready to add your herbs to the bowl and pour on the boiling water. Mix together, and as it begins to steep for a few minutes you can say or thank your intentions for this practice.

Slowly kneeling, sitting (on a stool or special yoni stool), or squatting over your bowl of herbs, cover your legs, hips and pelvis with the blanket so that you can trap in the steam.

Take your time to soak in this nourishing experience, breathing deeply and allowing 15 minutes of intentional time spent connecting with your yoni.

Closing the ritual

Strain your herbs out of the water, you can add these to your composter or add to your bath water, taking care as it'll still be hot. You can choose to extend the time with yourself in meditation, or with some music. It's also a great time to journal.

Not recommended during pregnancy, if you could be pregnant and not advised during active bleeding days.

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