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Mindful Menstruation

Learn how to mindfully harness the power of your menstrual cycle

Reclaim the power of your cyclical wisdom


Do you get that feeling of not knowing if you are ‘coming or going’? One minute you feel on top of the world, like you might actually have your shit together and the next you’re exhausted, irritable and angry at the world? 


You're not alone.


As a cyclical woman you experience up to 480 hormonal fluctuations a month. If your head feels like it’s been in a washing machine on high spin cycle then this will be why! Not to mention all the plates you are likely juggling and then that not so talked about maternal mental load; everything you are remembering in your head and all that space holding you do. 


Sometimes it all feels a bit too much right?


What if there was a way not only to manage these hormones and yo-yoing energy levels but to harness the power of your menstrual cycle to optimize your life and business?


Through menstrual cycle awareness you will discover the blueprint for focusing on the right tasks and the right time in your cycle so that you are using your hormones for your own benefit; working with your body rather than against.


You’ll experience the freedom of being able to sync your life and business around your cycle so that burnout is no longer inevitable. 


For so long, women have been basically ignoring their periods or wishing them away. Just another thing to ‘put up with’.


I’m passionate about showing women like you who are ready to reclaim the power of their cycle just how magical menstruation can actually be. 

The power of your cycle and all that the unique gifts it can offer, has been hidden from you.


It is time to RECLAIM this wisdom!

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You'll love working with me if:


  • You enjoy and are committed to self development, learning about yourself and connecting to yourself

  • Being in nature soothes your soul

  • You have a desire to trust your intuition more deeply 

  • You have a love of learning- we are all life long learners

  • You’re on a journey of exploring more natural and eco friendly options

  • You care deeply about the world we live in and the people in it

  • You appreciate the magic that happens when women gather or are being called to explore your relationship with women and the divine feminine

  • Paving a new way for girls and future generations of women is important to you

  • You’re already on the path less travelled: doing things the way society tells you is the ‘norm’ or mainstream is not really your thing

Why practice
Menstrual Cycle Awareness?

There are so many reasons why women should learn about their Menstrual Cycle and how they can harness their cyclical wisdom.

  • Find clarity as you deepen the connection with yourself

  • Enables you time to reflect on key elements of your life

  • Improve your relationships and communication 

  • Many women find MCA decreases their pain symptoms and a more positive experience around their periods

  • Many women find PMS is significantly easier to deal with as you understand when you'll experience it and how you can be more aware of how to deal with life situations around this time

  • Develop your relationships with other women.

Reclaim is now open! Find out more
Image by Christina Deravedisian

What it's like working with me


Menstrual Cycle Awareness has been literally life changing for me! It's enabled me to no longer need the prescribed medication to manage the awful period pains I use to have.

I'm now pain free and able to embrace my cycle powers and it's ebbs and flows instead of fighting against my body. I'm so glad my girls will know all of this from the start. Connecting with myself through MCA and journaling helped me to discover my calling and now i'm running a business I love that fits in around my children. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Lindsay.

- Zara


‘Reclaim’ was one of the most incredible experiences for me. It was such a wonderful programme that I absolutely cannot fault. I had so many lightbulb moments and huge realisations and I learnt an incredible amount about my own cycle and menstrual cycles in general. Lindsay created a beautiful safe space


We could share as little or as much as we wanted to. The meditations were wonderful. It was great to be able to take time out of my day specifically for me. I've really tuned in to my body and it’s made such a huge difference to my health and to how I run my business.


It really has been invaluable. I cannot thank Lindsay enough and I'll be forever grateful that I found her and her programme.

- Roxy

orla photo_edited.jpg

This programme has been life changing for me.

I have really learnt to embrace my natural rhythm and it has had so many benefits.

Lindsay is so lovely, easy to talk to and a fountain of knowledge.

This needs to be taught in schools!


- Orla


I’ve been interested in my menstrual cycle for a while and aware that it was impacting me at different points but until this programme I didn’t realise just how much. It's enabled me to not only track what is happening but increased my understanding of the mind body connection and the different aspects of my cycle and how this impacts on daily life. The tools I’ve gained have been invaluable and I can’t thank Lindsay enough for this

- Kimberley

Find out more about Reclaim
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