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As a cyclical being you are ever-changing just like nature, the weather. the moon and the Earth seasons. With up to 480 hormonal fluctuations per month it’s no wonder women feel like we are on an emotional rollercoaster!

The Cyclical Living Journal allows you to tune into your cycle and identify patterns and sensations that will give you clues to your cyclical nature as a woman.

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Welcome Wild Woman

I'm so happy you've landed here

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What's a Wild Woman?

I'm so happy you've found us here and I trust you'll love being part of our supportive online community.              

A Wild Woman knows her worth, she is unapologetic, present, holds strong boundaries, is authentic and committed to radical self love. She is untangling all of the 'shoulds' society pushes onto women and exploring what it is that lights her up.

Our online community is for anyone wanting to connect more deeply or discover and unleash the inner wild woman.

We talk about topics such as feminine embodiment, self development, living with the cycles and moon, relationships, the pressures and joys of motherhood, sex, natural living, herbal remedies, emotions, we share our ups and our downs and celebrate each woman for showing up as herself.

We also run online workshops, programmes as well as in person retreats and women’s circles. 


Are you ready to give yourself permission to want more? MORE Joy,  MORE Connection and MORE Purpose?

Are you ready to say yes to yourself? 

Praise for Lindsay Dalton

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Saffron - 1:1 Coaching

Lindsay is such a wonderful coach. She always asks the right questions that help you to discover what your truth is and what your personal journey is all about in its own unique way and provides the essential tools to get you on track. 

Guiding you to move through all the noise in your mind to get to the bottom of what it really is that you are trying to say, want or desire. She listens deeply with love and non-judgemental ears, then she takes you through the steps, providing the essential tools and support to help you actually manifest the life you have been dreaming about.

Lindsay holds a space that keeps you grounded along with space to breath and dream. My sessions with Lindsay have renewed my faith in myself and brought light to so much negative, fear based thought patterns that had been holding me back. 

I leave each session feeling strong, clear, confident and held. I am so very grateful Lindsay is in my life!

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