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As a cyclical being you are ever-changing just like nature, the weather, the moon and the Earth seasons. With up to 480 hormonal fluctuations per month it’s no wonder women feel like we are on an emotional rollercoaster!


What if instead of seeing our cycles as a curse and fighting against them, we learnt a new way, of attuning to our changing energy and listening to what our body needs.


Cyclical Living Menstrual Cycle Journal 


  • Undated 3 month journal

  • 99 days (to allow for those with slightly longer cycles)

  • Oracle card spreads

  • Cyclical living wheel

  • Reflections pages

  • 80 Inner Season Journal prompts 

  • Space for tracking the moon along with your cycle

  • Guided daily prompts and space for free writing/journaling 

  • Bonus online resources

  • Invitation to a supportive private Facebook community group "Where the Wild Women Are"

  • 227 pages 

  • A5 Size


In this journal you’ll learn and practise cyclical living over 3 cycles as you tune into not only the physical changes but the emotional and energetic too.

You’ll be able to start noticing patterns in yourself so you can feel more empowered by your cyclical wisdom.

Journaling will help you to feel more connected to your cycle, your womb and yourself.


You’ll learn and notice the 4 distinct phases in your cycle (Inner Seasons) and know the challenges and the strengths of each phase so you can start to use these to your advantage to work and live in alignment with your cycle and ultimately feel more at peace and less overwhelmed.


I’ve designed this journal because the women I work with found that apps and generic period trackers just didn’t hit the mark. Cyclical living is about so much more than just noting down your period (although that is a great start). This journal will show you why.


Lindsay Dalton is a Menstrual Cycle and Feminine Embodiment coach. She is the founder of ‘Where The Wild Women Are’; a community centred around connecting on a deeper level to our cyclical wisdom, the rhythm of the earth’s seasons and our own intuition.

Lindsay’s work has been grounded in supporting women with reclaiming the rites of passage and to discover their inner power.

Cyclical Living Menstrual Cycle Journal

  • Copyright owned by Lindsay Dalton

  • We currently offer shipping to the UK only. You can purchase the journal on amazon if you live outside of the UK. Shipping times may vary, we edeveour to get your items to you as soon as possible and will keep you updated.  Pre orders take longer because the item is not currently in stock. 

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