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The Feminine Art Of Receiving

I want to talk about the feminine energy and the act of receiving.

For those of you that have not heard me talk about this before, when we talk about the feminine and masculine energy, I’m not talking about male and female or genders specifically.

I’m talking about the different energies that lie within us all, the yin and yang type of energy where we have both.

The masculine energy looks more like mission, purpose, drive, doing and action. The feminine looks more like feeling, being, intuition and love.

So, as you can see, both of them are incredibly important and when we are in balance, magic can happen. But, when we are not in balance then we start to feel unaligned and out of tune with ourselves.

When we think about being in our feminine energy, we are talking about allowing ourselves to feel all our feelings and be in the feelings rather than pushing them aside.

We are also talking about allowing ourselves to receive and have more pleasure in our lives. It might just be having some music on, enjoying some movement, taking some time with our favourite coffee, or going for a nice walk. Pleasure can look like many different things but take time to receive it.

This feeling of giving, being selfless, this energy of giving to other people has been more traditionally associated with women and that was a new idea for me. It’s like ‘ok, I have been more in my masculine as giving, how can I be more receiving?'

One thing that comes up quite a lot is compliments. When a women is receiving a compliment she will often bat it away and try to minimise it.

When someone gives you a compliment, how does that make you feel? How uncomfortable does it make you? How do you handle that?

If this is something you struggle with, then look into seeing how you can shift into receiving it in grace instead rather than pushing it away?

Receiving in terms of asking for help is another classic one. How can we move away from, 'I need to do it all myself'? This superwoman/ warrior woman is very much in the masculine energy, a very driven energy. How can you move into feeing more collaboration and connection in the feminine? How can you allow yourself to ask or help and receive it without feeling guilty? It comes back to the feeling of worthiness, feeling that you are allowed to ask for help and that we shouldn’t be doing it all ourselves all the time.

Does any of this resonate with you? How easy for you to move into receiving?

One thing I would urge you to do is think about this topic, perhaps journal your thoughts and feelings. You could even take it to a meditation or mindfulness practice where you can drop into your body, take deep breaths, put your hands on your heart, what does it feel like? Where are you feeling this in your body? Where is the energy?

Our bodies hold all this information, so if we can work out where in our body we are holding this, we have a much better chance of unlocking it. We can all sit and think about it or talk about it but moving it to our body is where the magic is happening.

Along with this, I encourage you to also think about how you can bring in small pockets of pleasure, little moments of goodness and joy for yourself. Not for any other purpose, just because it feels good in this moment. Where can you cultivate those?

You might be someone who naturally does this and it comes very easy or you may be someone who doesn’t have time to be thinking about it. However, you're going to find this really useful to actually bring in and cultivate more joy and presence into your day.

What might that look like for you?

It could just be 5 minutes, it could be as simple as rolling some beautiful essential oils on your wrist and smelling it, or going for a walk in the evening and watching the colours of the sky changing.

Just taking those moments, not because there is a purpose or because it’s on your to do list, but because you’re in the moment and bringing those mindful moments into your day?

Please share if you have had any mindful moments recently. I love to hear your stories.

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