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Cyclical Living: Journey with the Moon

Updated: Jan 19

In a world that often moves at a relentless pace, there's a growing interest in reconnecting with nature's rhythms. One powerful and ancient guide in this journey is the moon, whose cycles have inspired humans for millennia. Cyclical living with the moon involves aligning our activities, intentions, and energy with the waxing and waning of Earth's celestial companion. In this guide, we explore how you can harmonize your life with the moon's phases and tap into the natural flow of cosmic energy.

Who is it for?

Everybody but especially valuable for you if you no longer have a menstrual cycle for any reason, your cycles are very unpredictable or post-menopause and also for young girls before menarche (first period).

Understanding the Moon Phases

The moon's journey through its phases offers a template for cyclical living. Let's embark on this celestial dance:

New Moon Magic: Setting Intentions

- Begin your lunar cycle during the New Moon. Set intentions, whether they are personal, professional, or spiritual. This is the time to plant the seeds of your aspirations.

Waxing Crescent: Taking Root

- As the moon begins to grow, align your actions with your intentions. Initiate new projects, establish routines, and let your goals take root with rising optisimism.

Full Moon Illumination: Celebrating and Harvesting

The Full Moon is a time of illumination and celebration. Reflect on your achievements, express gratitude, and celebrate the abundance in your life.

Waning Gibbous: Release and Review

Review what is going well,feeling good and what no longer serves you? What do you want to release? Are there any boundaries you need to set, any changes you want to make? Embrace the lessons learned, release and prepare for renewal.

Dark Moon Rest and Rejuvenation

The darkest night before the new moon and then cycle begins again. Some call this 'The Void'. This is the time to focus purely on rest and rejuvenation. However you may find you feel the most connected to your intuition or spirit at this time so it's also a wonderful time for meditation and refection. Reflect on your experiences, nourish your soul, and prepare for the upcoming cycle.

Incorporating Cyclical Living Into Your Daily Life

1. Moon Journaling:

- Keep a lunar journal to track your emotions, experiences, and intentions throughout the cycle. Reflect on patterns and insights.

2. Rituals and Practices:

- Create personalized rituals such as meditation, moon-gazing, or energy cleansing to connect with the lunar energy.

3. Nature Connection:

- Spend time outdoors and observe how nature aligns with the moon's phases. Allow yourself to connect with the natural world.

4. Mindful Awareness:

- Tune into your energy levels, emotions, and creativity during each moon phase. Adjust your activities accordingly.

5. Gather with other moon loving women:

Women have honoured the moon for centuries, find a women's circle near you to amplify your connection to our beautiful moon and with each other.

6. If you have a menstrual cycle, learn how your menstrual cycle aligns with the moon and dive into Cyclical living with your menstrual cycle

Benefits of Cyclical Living with the Moon

- Enhanced Intuition: By aligning with the moon, you develop a heightened sense of intuition and self-awareness.

- Increased Productivity: Cyclical living allows you to harness the moon's energy for optimal productivity and creativity.

- Emotional Well-being: Connecting with the moon's cycles encourages emotional balance and mindfulness.

-Womb Connection: Journeying with the moon reminds you that you are a cyclical being, that your womb spaces continues to be a sacred space, the home to your intuition. You are nature, nature is you!

-Ancestral Roots: Our Ancestors knew the significance of the moon and relied on her to time the planting their crops with the lunar cycle, hunting and ceremonies. The moon really was the world's first calendar.

As we embrace cyclical living with the moon, we open ourselves to the wisdom of the cosmos. The moon becomes a guiding light, a celestial companion on our journey of self-discovery and growth. Through mindful awareness and intentional living, we find ourselves in sync with the ever-changing rhythms of the universe, creating a harmonious dance between the earthly and the celestial.

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