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How To Experience Deeper Orgasmic Pleasure

Want to experience deeper orgasmic pleasure?

Using your breath is an amazing way to heighten your experience.

Typically as you become more aroused and closer to climax there is more clenching, bracing and holding- your breath may become noisier and faster - it's almost like a revving up energy.

Try switching to deep rhythmic slow breathing, breathing in the sensations and expanding then exhaling breathing into your yoni (aka sacred word for vagina/vulva)

Relaxing the jaw as the breath escapes like a deep sigh

The key here is you are releasing and then building the energy as you inhale.

This slow rhythmic breathing intensifies your pleasure and even more so if your partner is breathing in sync with you 🔥

Your brain enters a different state that is similar to meditation or just before sleep.

Breath work + sexual pleasure = trance state orgasms that will blow your mind!

Give it a try. Remember not to get fixated on the 'end goal' it's about connecting and tuning into the pleasure.

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