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Yoni Steaming - All You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 1

Yoni steaming, otherwise known as vaginal steaming or V-steaming, is an ancient practice that was part of the Maya healing lineage. It's purpose was to cleanse the uterus when there were any kind of menstrual difficulties, to clean the womb when bleeding finished after menopause, plus ancient Mayan midwives who would have taught the process to women after they had given birth to promote healing.

Yoni Steaming is also used in other cultures around the world so it's certainly, something that has been in our ancestors toolbox however, as time goes on, we have in this Western world, lost some of that healing knowledge and wisdom. Yoni steaming is a beautiful, nourishing practice that you can do to really reclaim that connection with the womb and with the Yoni.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for sacred space which I think, is beautiful. Something we could do with reclaiming in our culture is recognising that this space is sacred and special. We need to let go of any shame or judgment around this space. This can lead to having more body acceptance, honouring yourself and your sexuality. That connection with your femininity and your feminine essence is so important.

So, why would you want to Yoni Steam?

Other than it being a beautiful, self-care ritual, what Yoni Steaming does is soften the exterior of the vulva, which allows it to receive more blood circulation. The herbs that are inside the steam can help to regulate your cycles, and draw out any blood from the uterus. So, if you're having a bleed that perhaps starts with more brown or dark blood, this can be a very good practice to help. It can also be useful for treating yeast infections, any period challenges that come up or existing conditions such as cysts,fibroids,endometriosis and PCOS. It can be really wonderful for healing scar tissue after birth even years down the line and connecting on a deep an intimate level with your yoni and womb.

You may also practice Yoni Steaming to mark the end of the Inner winter part of your cycle as you're transitioning into your Inner spring and to connect in with your Yoni, your pleasure, your womb, and your creative spirit.

This article will help you decide whether Yoni Steaming is right for you and whether it feels like something that you'd like to try. Is it something that you'd like to continue as a ritual, as a sacred practice?

Yoni steaming, is an ancient practice that's purpose is to cleanse the uterus. Learn all about when, how and why you should perform a Yoni Steam at home.

So how do you do it?

Once you have selected suitable herbs that are right for your cycle you will need to add them to boiling water and steep them for about five to 10 minutes.

Then you will need to either squat, do a kneeling lunge, use a special stool that has been made for this purpose or you can even sit on the edge of a stool if that's comfortable. Set out the room with candles and music or maybe listen to a womb or steaming meditation.

Once you are over the bowl and the vapours are rising up, wrap a blanket around yourself and over your legs. Sit and take a few deep breaths and really tune in with yourself, with your Yoni, really connecting to that space. Connect to what you're feeling. What is it that your Yoni needs from you? What is it that it's trying to tell you? If you've never done this before, this might feel a bit strange and that's okay.

Tuning In To How Yoni Steaming Feels For You

Most women find that Yoni Steaming is an enjoyable experience. However, if you do feel a bit unsettled then explore why this might be. Ask yourself, 'Is it fear I'm feeling because this is a new experience or is this my intuition telling me it's not right for me?' Tune into your feelings, knowing that this is your practice, so you can stop at any time if it doesn't feel right for you.

How does Yoni Steaming Feel?

You may experience some tingling but certainly no pain. If you do feel any pain, then obviously stop, listen to your body, take some lovely deep breaths and really just be with yourself for a moment.

Which herbs are used for Yoni steaming?

Our Yoni Steam Blend includes Motherwort, Chamomile flowers, Lavender, Calendula, rosemary, rose, mugwort, nettle, oatstraw and red raspberry leaf. . Each of these wonderful women's herbs has a different feature and healing property for the Yoni and hormonal balancing. We only use the best quality organic and non-GMO herbs.

Custom blends are also available, these can be great for anyone who experiences a longer or shorter cycles, or if you are having any specific challenges. If you need help finding a blend suitable for your needs then I am happy to help you with this. Get in touch.

Yoni steaming, is an ancient practice that's purpose is to cleanse the uterus. Learn all about when, how and why you should perform a Yoni Steam at home.

Are there any times you shouldn't do a Yoni steam?

Yes - if you're actively bleeding. The best time to do a Yoni steam is after your cycle has finished in between your inner winter and you're inner spring.

You also don't want to do a steam if you are pregnant, or if you think that there's a possibility you could be pregnant.

Another time you wouldn't want to do a Yoni steam is if your intuition tells you not to.

You can, however, do Yoni steaming as part of postpartum healing. Once your lochia, which is the bleeding that you experience after you've had a baby has slowed down to the point of spotting or brown, old blood, then that would be very good time to do a steam. This would usually be after around two or three weeks or, you can wait until your bleeding has completely stopped. A Yoni steam around this time can be really helpful with healing the perineum too.

So, that gives you some good information on Yoni steaming. There is a lot of research out there, including a number of articles saying you shouldn't do Yoni steaming as you could burn yourself and why it's very dangerous.

In response to this, I invite you to tune in with your intuition and remember that this is an ancient practice that women have been doing all over the world for many, many, years. I also think that we can be trusted with some boiling water!

The idea of women taking control of their own health and seeing the vagina as sacred might, for some people, feel very dangerous. Let's Reclaim this healing self care ritual!

So, take it all on board and tune in with what it is that your Yoni is calling out for and give her some of your attention. Not for anyone else, just for you.

Let me know how you feel about Yoni Steaming and whether you're going to try it. Or, if you already do Yoni steaming, I'd love to hear what that looks like for you, how you feel about it and anything else you'd like to share with us.

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