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The trouble with period tracking apps

Updated: Jan 29

Period tracking apps can seem convenient but I'm really not a fan and I'll tell you why:

1. Most apps focus on when your period is due and when you are most fertile (either to avoid pregnancy or to make a baby) but they miss out on other helpful ways to tune into the cycle as a whole.

Your menstrual cycle is so much more than just your fertility although your fertile signs are super important to pay attention to for your overall and womb health.

2. Apps rely on computer algorithms to predict when your period is due, when you'll ovulate based on an average and pattern of your previous cycles data or data from thousands of over women.

This misses the nuances within cycles and the fact that there are many things that can affect the length of our cycle and when we ovulate. For example, only 10% of women ovulate on day 14. They often don't account for the varying cycle lengths or that each month can be different.

3. Consider how these apps are using your personal data especially when it comes to your menstrual health data. Research and decide for yourself.

"Flo, a popular period and fertility tracking app has settled over allegations that it lied to users about sharing private health information with third-party firms, including Facebook and Google. Flo told users their information would be kept private. Then it shared their sensitive health data, including the dates of their periods and their pregnancy plans, with outside companies that provided marketing and analytics services to the app. It also failed to limit how this data would be used.

The move could have allowed Facebook to match sensitive health information with users’ profiles and target ads at them more effectively." You can read more about this here.

4. This is the biggest reason for me: apps will often tell you that you should be feeling a certain way premenstrually or when you are mid cycle - using apps as your only way of tracking your cycle creates an external knowledge view and relationship with your menstrual cycle. This linear, logical, measurement way uses your head and your masculine energy but does not encourage you to tune in and listen to your body.

In my Mindful Menstruation Method I show you how can use the masculine and feminine in combination to connect and tune into your body's innate wisdom. I recommend Journaling your Menstrual Cycle and have created a

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