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Vibrators vs Crystal Pleasure Wands: what's the difference?

Updated: Apr 26

Firstly I want to say I’m not against vibrators and certainly not if they are pleasurable. There’s no shame in using them. However vibrators are often just the immediate 'go to' for sexual self pleasure for women and I love that there are other choices available which many don't know about, like these beautiful crystal pleasures wands.

Why do I like crystal pleasure wands so much?

Reason 1

I love that they are made of natural materials, no dyes or chemical residues and completely smooth. My body has always been sensitive to anything ‘foreign’ inside me, even tampons and menstrual cups, so having a natural material from the earth feels so right.

Reason 2

Vibrators offer a fast and intense linear road to orgasm however they often desensitise us. You can even become numb and need to continue to increase the intensity of a vibrator to reach orgasm.

I feel they're a masculine form of pleasure, whereby there isn't real presence and experience to feel the ebb and flow of pleasure, but instead focuses on a goal to the finish line of orgasming. They set an expectation within the body that orgasm is the goal and we should be ready for that quickly, however we know that female arousal takes longer and also requires relaxation!

Crystal and glass pleasure wands offer a slow pleasure, a feminine aspect of being IN the pleasure, presence and exploration. They allow you to tune into all of the sensations and really get to know what you like.

By using one you’ll honour your body’s need for patience and reverence for the sacred being you are. Working with a pleasure wand you will build self trust and intimacy with your Yoni.

Reason 3

Crystal pleasure wands have incredible frequencies that can bring more spirituality and consciousness to your sex life and self pleasure practice. Setting intentions and using the crystals healing properties to work with any blocked sexual energy, previous trauma or negative experiences that are stored in your Yoni and womb space through pleasure embodiment practices and breath work.

Reason 4

Crystal pleasure wands give multiple full body orgasms, cervical orgasms, and so much more!

When you orgasm with a vibrator it’s a very surface level style of orgasm . It doesn’t build as slowly in the same way but erupts fast and hard whereby you are almost squeezing or bracing as you come.

This bracing action is how the majority of women orgasm and deprives us of deeper pleasure.

With a deeper orgasmic experience and especially when you are using breath to facilitate you are opening to the orgasm, like you are riding its wave and letting it carry you.

Expansion instead of contraction.

Be ready some some multi dimension orgasmic energy with a crystal pleasure wand!

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