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Which Moon Cycle type are you?

White Moon Cycle:

- Period during the New Moon & Ovulating with the Full Moon

It's often associated with a connection to the earth's rhythms, intuition, and a more inward, reflective phase. Those in this cycle might feel a stronger alignment with the energies of the earth and her seasons.

This is the cycle you are on if you have your period around the time of the new moon and you ovulate around the time of the full moon.

The white moon cycle is linked to intuition, fertility, motherhood or creating. You may find your energy more inwards and you have a strong need to withdraw from people during your bleed if you are on this cycle.

Red Moon Cycle:

- Period during the Full Moon & Ovulating with the New Moon

It's said that historically, the Red Moon cycle belonged to the Medicine Women, the Midwives and the Wisdom Keepers of the community and those that had completed their families or didn't have children. If you align with the red moon cycle you'll probably still find you are quieter and more inwards but also that you have more creative or intuitive insights during your bleed.

What if you don't bleed around either or these moon phases? Then you may have a purple moon or pink moon cycle!

Pink Moon Cycle:

-Period during the Pink Moon:

This cycle is often linked with attributes such as love, growth, and rebirth. It might be associated with a period of inner growth, healing, transformation, and emotional renewal, aligning with the energies of the Pink Moon.

Purple Moon Cycle:

- Period during the Purple Moon: -

This cycle is often linked with a transition in your life, a time to move further inwards and rest. It's likely that this signifies that more peace is coming after some sort of challenge or change in your life. If you bleed on this moon you are being guided to reflect but not act yet.

Want to go deeper on your cyclical living journey?

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